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Pokemon Y
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Pokemon Y

The latest issue of CoroCoro has leaked online revealing multiple new never before seen Pokémon from the anime series Pokémon XY & Z. First up is a new version or color variation of everyone's favorite frog ninja, Greninja. This new color scheme looks oddly similar to Ash's clothing.

Also revealed is Zygarde, the third legendary from Pokémon X/Y, actually has at least five different forms. Zygarde's many forms include a blob, a cell, a doberman, the snake-like version we already know and a new mega evolution, each known respectively as Core, Cell, 10%, 50% and Perfect Formes.

With no announcement of a new Pokémon game for this holiday season, I wonder if we will see the long rumored Pokémon Z featuring these new Zygarde forms or if Nintendo is working on a follow up series? If so I'd suggest naming them X Squared and Y Squared, and they better have a mega evolution for my favorite, Snorlax!

Pokémon - New Zygarde Forms & Greninja Look [Serebii]

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