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Pokemon Y  

Reviewed: 9.5/10: Superb
( 3ds version reviewed )

8:00 AM on 10.11.2013

Review: Pokemon X and Y

Certain game series can get away without making significant changes to their formula -- in fact, there are some that would risk infuriating their fans if they did alter too much. Games like The Legend of Zelda, Street Fighter...

Jim Sterling

7:30 AM on 10.10.2013

Iwata Asks explains the meaning behind Pokemon 'X and Y'

In what is one of the greatest Q&A series on the web, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has interviewed Game Freak in his latest edition of "Iwata Asks," and uncovers a number of cool facts about the Pokemon franchise in th...

Chris Carter

9:00 AM on 10.07.2013

Get a free Torchic after the release of Pokemon X and Y

Starting October 12th at the launch of Pokemon X and Y, you'll be able to pick up a brand new Torchic -- one of the starters of Generation III (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald). After connecting to the internet and accepting it via W...

Chris Carter

5:00 PM on 10.06.2013

Here are 50 Pokemon trivia facts you never knew

Before you set out to catch 'em all in the Kalos region of Pokemon X and Y, don't let the rich history and trivia of this series pass you by unawares, courtesy of VideoGamer TV. For example, did you know that Pokemon is shor...

Abel Girmay

1:15 PM on 10.04.2013

Pokemon X/Y Transfer App detailed, arrives in December

While you're running out to get your Shiny Giratina to transfer into Pokemon X and Y, you won't be able to actually perform said transfer until December 27th. For those of you who are unaware, Nintendo is running things ...

Chris Carter

10:30 AM on 10.04.2013

Pokemon X/Y final starter evolutions leaked

Alright, fence sitters. It's time to decide your Pokemon X & Y starters. A bunch of Pokemon news has leaked, seeping into every orifice of the Pokemon Reddit. One such leak that is not a pokemon that looks like a key ring...

Steven Hansen

8:30 AM on 10.04.2013

Klefki is a Pokemon that is a KEY RING. IT IS A KEY RING.

Ice cream cone Pokemon? Garbage pile Pokemon? Move aside. There's a new pocket monster people will point to in attempts to illustrate the creative bankruptcy in the Pokemon series, and that monster is Klefki, the key ring Pok...

Steven Hansen

6:30 PM on 10.02.2013

Pokemon X/Y is the most pre-ordered 3DS game in Japan

With only ten days left until release, Pokemon X and Y have collectively claimed the crown of the most pre-ordered 3DS game in Japan, reports Famitsu. Sitting at a pretty 1.26 million copies pre-ordered, X and Y have edged ou...

Abel Girmay

4:30 PM on 10.02.2013

You win, Game Freak: Mega Charizard X revealed

If you found the Mega Evolutions of the original starter Pokemon to be a tad bit disappointing -- I'm looking at you, Mega Venusaur -- there's hope yet. At least in the case of Mega Charizard, which, similar to the X and Y v...

Jordan Devore

1:00 PM on 09.23.2013

There's a bearded Tyrannosaurus rex Pokemon

With each new generation of Pokemon, there are fans who long for past designs, while others embrace the newcomers -- or at least attempt to. I've always tried to celebrate the individual Pokemon designs rather than judge them...

Jordan Devore

9:30 AM on 09.19.2013

Pokemon X & Y 3DS XLs look great in person

When I was playing Pokemon X and Y earlier this week, I also got to check out the X and Y themed 3DS XLs we previously reported on. Smudged them up real nice with my greasy fingerprints. While I like the more muted, but still...

Steven Hansen

7:00 AM on 09.19.2013

Preview: Falling right into Pokemon X & Y

Are you a boy or a girl? My preview of Pokemon X and Y last month left me plenty excited. There was a lot to take in: Mega Evolutions, a lunatic scientist, an extra dimension. However, the demo also left something to be desir...

Steven Hansen

7:00 AM on 09.18.2013

This Japanese Pokemon X/Y trailer is the biggest yet

Pokemon X and Y are nearly here, and Nintendo is still revving us up for the big release with more videos than we can count. This lengthy trailer basically shows off everything we've seen so far, including horde fights, mega...

Chris Carter

12:45 PM on 09.16.2013

Start hunting! Pokemon's 'Gotta Catch 'Em All' event

Pokémon X / Y launches on October 12, so to psych players up, The Pokémon Company is running a fun little event from now until the launch date. On Destructoid and several other sites across the net, you'll find...

Tony Ponce

12:30 PM on 09.13.2013

A better look at those Pokemon X/Y starter evolutions

"Groom your Furfrou into different looks." So that's what the kids are calling it these days? That latest batch of 'mons for Pokemon X and Y revealed in CoroCoro can now be seen in all their glory thanks to some official ass...

Jordan Devore

12:30 PM on 09.11.2013

That's a wrap: Mega Garchomp is in Pokemon X/Y

A bunch of new Pokemon X and Y information has come out of the new issue of CoroCoro, but my attention went straight to the following: Mega Garchomp. Yes, the crazy dragon/shark/jet-looking Pokemon has a Mega evolution. Game ...

Jordan Devore

7:00 AM on 09.04.2013

You can use the original starters in Pokemon X and Y

Shrewd, Nintendo. During this morning's Nintendo Direct, we learned that Pokemon X/Y would grant you access to six possible starter Pokemon. The additional three are Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander; the original three st...

Steven Hansen

4:30 PM on 09.03.2013

Pokemon X and Y look better in person

This PAX Prime 2013 video about Jonathan and Jim discussing Pokemon X and Y isn't so much about the upcoming Game Freak title as it is about Jonathan and Jim being on camera together. Granted, the dynamic duo does talk about...

Jordan Devore

2:00 PM on 08.18.2013

Pokemon X and Y soundtrack to ship on four discs

Nintendo is on a roll. After the five-disc Fire Emblem: Awakening soundtrack earlier this year, they're now putting out a four-disc Pokemon X and Y soundtrack titled Nintendo 3DS Pokémon X・Y Super Music Col...

Jayson Napolitano

9:30 PM on 08.16.2013

Preview: Licking everyone in Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are currently playable in Japan at the Pokemon Game Show. We got a look at the same hands-on demo, minus the 10 minute time limit and the assuredly hours-long line. The demo opens with you as a rand...

Steven Hansen

2:00 PM on 08.12.2013

See the first set of Mega Pokemon in action

The more I see of Mega Evolutions in Pokemon X and Y, the more I like 'em. As a quick refresher, these can only occur during battle through the use of Mega Stones, so the transformations aren't permanent. Which is probably f...

Jordan Devore

9:00 PM on 08.10.2013

Mega Kangaskhan revealed at Pokemon World Championship

The newly revealed "Mega Evolution" feature in Pokemon X/Y seems to have sparked the interest many who were otherwise lukewarm towards the release. These mid-battle transformations appear to be true game changers, altering t...

Jonathan Holmes

12:30 PM on 08.09.2013

Here's how Mega Evolutions work in Pokemon X and Y

Following our coverage of the recent Pokemon X and Y info dump from CoroCoro, The Pokemon Company has come out with official art and some additional details on how the games' new Mega Evolutions will work. The biggest thing ...

Jordan Devore

1:30 PM on 08.08.2013

New Pokemon and 'Mega' forms revealed for Pokemon X/Y

The latest Pokemon X and Y reveals will come across as predictable or totally bizarre depending on your relative level of Poke-mania. First up are some new wild Pokemon: Meekuru, the pre-evolution of the goat Pokemon Gogoa...

Jordan Devore

10:30 AM on 07.31.2013

New Pokemon trailer shows off in-game Aurotto

New footage has emerged for Pokemon X and Y, and it shows off a new creature. After a quick look at the new blue 3DS XL, you'll get re-acquainted with the game's starters, as well as world exploration, horde combat, and even...

Chris Carter

1:00 AM on 07.31.2013

UK Pokemon trainers get a Pokeball with X & Y pre-order

Are you an avid Pokéfan looking for the best way to tote your dazzling collection of Pokémon games around? Well, UK retailer GAME has you covered, as Pokémon X/Y pre-orders come with an honest to goodness...

Steven Hansen

2:00 PM on 07.12.2013

New Pokemon X & Y footage shows newcomers, legendaries

As we near the impending release of Pokemon X and Y, Nintendo has started rolling out more information gradually. Today, we've learned that your new mentor will be Professor Augustine Sycamore, who tasks you with filling up ...

Chris Carter

5:00 PM on 07.05.2013

These blue and gold Pokemon X & Y 3DS XLs are beautiful

We all know it was coming. A new piece of Pokemon-themed hardware always accompanies a new game release, and now, we have pictures of the new blue and gold 3DS XLs -- and they're looking pretty damn sweet. They're only confir...

Chris Carter

9:00 AM on 07.05.2013

Honedge revealed as new Pokemon, website updated

Honedge, a new Steel/Ghost type Pokemon, has been revealed for Pokemon X & Y. It's basically a sword with eyes on it, which honestly is alright with me, as his moveset looks pretty neat. The above video was revealed at t...

Chris Carter

7:00 PM on 06.14.2013

Nintendo introduces more humans in Pokemon X and Y

A ton of Pokemon X and Y information has come out of E3, and it looks like we're not done yet. Apparently after choosing your male or female avatar, you'll start your journey in Vaniville Town with four friends who travel ar...

Chris Carter

8:30 PM on 06.12.2013

Catch a glimpse of last night's Pokemon Roundtable

Last night, we covered the brief Pokemon X and Y Roundtable event at E3 which detailed a number of new game mechanics like enhanced social features, battles, and even a few new Pokemon. Now, compliments of Nintendo you ...

Chris Carter

9:08 PM on 06.11.2013

Game Freak and Pokemon Company talk X and Y gameplay

In addition to a general overview of the localization process, the Pokemon Roundtable brought about some more pertinent info -- specifically, gameplay. The Player Search System (PSS) is new to Pokemon X and Y. It r...

Chris Carter

8:33 PM on 06.11.2013

Pokemon Roundtable details the woes of translating a game

The Pokemon Roundtable Nintendo teased is here, and with it, are some new details on the upcoming X and Y iterations, which are all set for an October 12th worldwide release. Tsunekazu Ishihara, President and C...

Chris Carter

3:45 PM on 05.24.2013

Nintendo to reveal tons of Pokemon X and Y info during E3

Nintendo recently had a pretty big reveal for Pokemon X and Y, but ultimately, a few creature showcases in the grand scheme of things isn't a whole lot. In fact, up until now we've just gotten bits and pieces of X and Y at bi...

Chris Carter

4:30 PM on 05.15.2013

The Eevee 3DS XL is officially revealed for Japan

It seems as if the initial rumors were true, as Japan now has a real Pokemon themed Eevee-centric 3DS XL, set to make its way to stores pretty soon. Found by way of an advertisement at Pokemon Center Stores, the portable will...

Chris Carter

8:30 AM on 05.14.2013

New Pokemon X and Y footage shows off crazy creatures

Remember that panda, bird, goat, thing from Pokemon X and Y that were revealed last weekend from CoroCoro magazine? Those creatures are known as Panchum (fighting), Fletchling (normal/flying), Gogoat (grass), and H...

Chris Carter

7:45 PM on 04.17.2013

Genesect battles 'Awakened' Mewtwo in Pokemon anime

A new trailer has debuted in Japan for the Pokemon film ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens, and it features quite a bit of footage of the legendary Mewtwo. Billed as a "new form," (and not an entirely new Pokedex ent...

Chris Carter

10:00 AM on 04.09.2013

The Pokemon Company says 2013 is their biggest year yet

Hot off the news of a new Pokémon reveal, it seems as if the Poké-hypetrain is starting to leave the station. Speaking to MVC, the Pokémon Company (which is responsible for the brand Game Freak created) c...

Chris Carter

6:20 PM on 04.06.2013

New Mewtwo variation revealed for Pokemon X and Y

[Update: it looks like that scan revealing the new Mewtwo for the upcoming Pokemon film was correct!] Today the Japanese variety show Pokemon Smash revealed a new form of Mewtwo for Pokemon X and Y, that essentiall...

Chris Carter

10:00 AM on 02.11.2013

New Pokémon X & Y information is coming this week

Japan's infamous Pokémon Smash TV show has revealed that next week's episode will feature more Pokemon X & Y information, in addition to an extra reveal by Japan's CoroCoro magazine this week. In other words, expec...

Chris Carter

9:00 AM on 01.14.2013

A better look at Pokemon X & Y's starters and legendaries

Nintendo has provided a closer look at the three starter Pokemon and two legendaries revealed for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Check out the gallery for screens and art showcasing Fennekin, Chespin, Froakie, Yveltal, Xerneas.&nbs...

Jim Sterling

7:00 PM on 01.09.2013

There's a TON of Pokemon X and Y fan art already

Pokemon X and Y were just announced yesterday and in that time there's already a TON of fan art on the new Legendary monsters and the three starter Pokemon: Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie. People are even imagining what their...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

3:30 PM on 01.09.2013

Pokemon X & Y Legendary names are Xerneas & Yveltal

Did you see the Pokemon X and Y 3DS announcement? Three new starter Pokemon, a fully 3D world, around 700 Pokemon to catch, and of course, new Legendary creatures. We got a quick look at the two Legendary Pokemon at the end o...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

6:08 AM on 01.08.2013

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y announced for 3DS

Nintendo has today announced an all-new duo of Pokemon games for the 3DS, and they've run out of colors! Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will serve as the next installment, and it will have a worldwide release in October.  It'l...

Jim Sterling

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