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Pokemon X
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Pokemon X

I’ve never paid much attention to the confusing world of competitive Pokémon. EV training, natures, actually caring about a Pokémon's stats... it all confuses me.

However, a documentary currently on Kickstarter called To Be the Very Best looks like it wants to shine some light on the scene and all it entails. The project aims to follow the lives of competitive Pokémon players Ray Rizzo and Aaron Zheng in the run up to the Pokémon Video Game World Championships in August 2015.

The campaign for To Be the Very Best has raised over $6000 of its $50,000 goal, with 23 days still remaining. Joining two-time US national Pokémon champion Wolfe Glick for the project is documentary director Dan Karlok and the producer of the musical Rock of Ages Matt Weaver, so there is some serious experience involved here.

Whether this will teach me anything about Pokémon has yet to be seen: My favourite type is Normal, so I’m probably the least equipped person to be talking about this. The project still seems interesting however, so here’s hoping it succeeds.

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