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Playstation Home
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Seeking a friend for the end of PlayStation Home

Digital Y2K party
Mar 31
You Can't Go (PlayStation) Home Again [Giant Bomb]

There's no place like PlayStation Home

You'll never find those red slippers now
Mar 31
You Can't Go (PlayStation) Home Again [Giant Bomb]  

You don't know what you got 'til it's gone

They paved paradise
Mar 31
You Can't Go (PlayStation) Home Again [Giant Bomb]  

Sony to shutter PlayStation Home in Japan and Asia

You can never go home again
Aug 24
PlayStation Home is being snuffed out in Japan and the rest of Asia next year. SCEJA will no longer sell virtual items for the service after September 24, and will close Home's doors for good in March 2015. Speaking with Game...

Get excited! PS Home 1.55 out this Thursday

Sep 28
Yes! The highly anticipated Update 1.55 is making is finally making its way to PlayStation Home this week. The patch not only features essential fixes like updates to the wardrobe and furniture browser, but other generic ...

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