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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Zombething weed-wackery this way cometh. 

There's not a leaf of evidence on the PopCap site or official PvZ twitter account yet, but there appears to be some grassroots marketing afoot. Peep these not-so-subtle tweets from Vanhoozerbot (PvZ art director), Gary Clay (PvZ brand) and Owen Johnson (PvZ marketing).

This is a game that made a lot of money for EA. Without any further information, can you guess what they're going to see on Monday? According to Videogamer they're most likely announcing a sequel to Garden Warfare, and I agree. EA had previously confirmed that a new Plants vs. Zombies game was coming in 2016, so it looks like we'll get a glimpse in a few hours. Break out the obligatory "it's happening" animated gifs.

I'm somewhere between cautiously excited and wary to find a garden full of microtransactions, but it's mostly because I'm afraid of leaving the house. Chris gave the first game a solid 8 and the constant free DLC also deserves some praise. Do we have any Zomboss fans in the house?

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