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Persona 5
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Persona 5

Kyle posted some new Persona 5 screenshots earlier, which got me excited, which got me watching the Persona 5 trailer again, which just got me more excited.

I like when a trailer can turn me on (not sexual). I watch a lot of them, in my line of work (competitive bird watcher/about-videogames writer). I might watch near all of them. And, not unlike movies, trailers have a particular way about them, certain editing tropes, that can be dull. Mostly, though, it's that the trailer is exactly what you expect. Adam Jensen is an angelic allegory in Deus Ex: Even Yellower Still. Five O'Clock Shadow the Hedgehog does cool explosive stunt things for Just Cause 3.  And it's all compounded when everything is sequels and everything is futurewar and everything is a mash up of existing, successful things.

There are moments of excitement, though. All I saw of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain at E3 last year was a behind-closed-doors trailer and it was enough to sell me. Recently, Little Devil Inside dazzled me with its mysterious promise, even if I'm unsure the game can hit those levels. There was the hand-drawn Cuphead at E3 last year and its 1930's-style animation.

I was worried about Persona 5. Another JRPG romp would have been fine, sure. It could also have been stale. This was not stale. This was exciting, dynamic, and full of tiny, idiosyncratic flourishes that make me feel alive. The menu screens, the Catherine-cribbed aesthetic, the playable cat.

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