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Persona 5
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Persona 5

Welp, we got the trailer and the into-2016-delay for Persona 5 out of Tokyo Game Show 2015. Not unexpected. There are some more details and a good look at new characters in the latest Famitsu. Most of the gallery below is stuff visible in the trailer, but there's a little bit more context.

The "Phantom Thieves" playable characters aren't dealing with a particular, central villain (so far). The theme of "social reform" involves making villains confess their crimes, and it seems like you can locate opponents on an in-game social media. I love social media, so I'm mildly into it. Catherine's sexts (and also, "we have to talk..." style, fear inducing texts) were a pretty neat addition.

Persona 5 lead's persona is Arsene; Ryuji uses Captain Kid; Morgana (the cat) uses Zoro; An uses Carmen; and newly introduced Yusuke (not Yosuke, thank the lord) uses Goemon. I'm mentally threading Lupin Arsene, the classic French thief adopted into popular anime with Lupin III, and the latter anime's Goemon, so good stuff.

Famitsu via [Esuteru]

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