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Persona 5
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Persona 5

It's not that I have severe trust issues stemming from broken homes and unfeeling society, Atlus. It's just that I've been burned before. So when I hear Atlus CEO Naoto Hiraoka saying in Famitsu, according to Hachima Kikou with translation via Gematsu, "In the summer, we'll launch the long-awaited Persona 5," it's reassuring, is all.

If we can have a representative from Atlus provide a new comment everyday leading up to Persona 5 confirming Persona 5's release, that would be swell, Atlus, ok?

But beyond what we know -- Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir, Persona 5 -- Atlus, "plan[s] to release a large number of titles" in 2016.

"In the summer, we’ll launch the long-awaited Persona 5," Hiraoka said. "Of course, in addition to that we have several unannounced titles. I have no doubt this will be a year Atlus' popular series all gather together.

"While the release date hasn't been decided, I want you to also look forward to VanillaWare’s 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim."

【期待】アトラス平岡氏「2016年はペルソナ5のほか、未発表のタイトルがいくつかある。人気シリーズが一同に会する年になる」 [Hachima Kikou via Gematsu]

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