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Lately I've been terrifying myself with the growing number of spooky game projects that have been popping up on PC. Things like Slender and SCP-087 have been giving me the creeps, and I can't stop myself looking for more. As soon as RPS posted about a game called Paranormal, I totally wanted to have a go. 

Paranormal, as its name suggests, is highly inspired by the Paranormal Activity movies. You play a guy whose house is haunted, and decided to film his experiences at night. The action is presented in with "shaky cam" visuals, and your job is basically to record the messed up stuff that happens. 

As with all these recent scare-fests, the game is in beta has a lot of work to do. Right now, Beta 4 is publicly available, with Beta 5 only available to those who donate Kickstarter money and help get it on Steam. 

While Beta 4 is buggy and basic, I love the idea, and am tantalized by where it's going. It wasn't quite as terrifying as some of the stuff I've been playing, but it was definitely a nice little ghost train of jump scares and spooky images. This has serious promise ... so feel free to check it out for yourself.

Oh, and if you've got any other scary PC suggestions, I'm all ears.

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