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Paradise Lost: First Contact
/ mac / pc / Wii-U


Paradise Lost: First Contact

Paradise Lost: First Contact, otherwise known as "that game with all of the squiggles," will not launch on PC, Mac, Linux, and Wii U this year as originally intended. Developer Asthree Works is pushing the release of the alien stealth/action title back to mid-2015.

As detailed in an update on Kickstarter, the team has remade around 80 percent of the animations and is working to achieve "balanced core mechanics that could evolve naturally within the player's experience and type of play. That requires tons of hours of testing and repeating / changing puzzles and situations constantly... we have areas with endless possibilities to go through."

The Metroid-style map has gotten bigger, too. Take your time. Get it right.

Lost in Paradise: schedule and development state [Kickstarter]

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