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Nuclear Dawn
/ pc / xbox360


Nuclear Dawn

InterWave Studios' implementation of RTS gameplay in their multiplayer FPS Nuclear Dawn has made it quite attractive to fans of both genres. The very idea of building structures, defenses and issuing commands to other players in one game, and then gunning down enemies on foot and taking orders from a commander the next is, well, interesting.

Those who have been on the fence about Nuclear Dawn for a while will be able to play the game for free this weekend in a special Steam "Free Weekend" promotion which has now officially kicked off. Basically, you get to download and play the hell out of Nuclear Dawn until Sunday at 1PM PST -- no strings attached.

If you suddenly become addicted to it and realize how empty your life was before giving InterWave's FPS a go, you can purchase it for a 40% discount over here until Monday 10AM Pacific.

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