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Updated 04-25-2015
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Not A Hero

In the not-so-golden era of tiered pre-order pricing shenanigans, shady downloadable content marketing, and other distasteful practices, it makes one wonder: whatever happened to the beloved demo build? Apparently the good people over at Devolver Digital still remember the value of letting customers put their hands on a product before asking them to shell out their hard-earned gamer dollars, as they've released a pair of try-it-before-you-buy-it builds on Steam.

First up, in order of release date, we've got a delightful little slice of murder pie in the form of Roll7's Not A Hero demo. In it, you'll be tasked by a giant, time-traveling rabbit from the future to clean up Britain's streets by shooting all manner of criminal scum in their stupid, horrible faces. Sounds good, yeah?

Also of note, if you are the sort to pre-order, the developer is throwing in a free copy of OlliOlli to sweeten the deal. No worries if you already own it -- you can gift the copy to a friend.

Next up, we've got the incredibly stylish, turn-based, action-platformer hybrid RONIN. Our own Brett Makedonski seemed to enjoy the title quite a bit when he previewed the game for us last January, so definitely make some time to give this one a shot this weekend as well.

You can find the demo for Not A Hero on its Steam store page here, and you can pick up RONIN's demo here. Have a great weekend!

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