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Not A Hero
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Not A Hero

Thank you, Roll7, for reminding me what an utter joy it can be to slide around in video games.

I'm not sure what I was so wrapped up playing last May, but it wasn't Not a Hero, the studio's cheeky side-scrolling take on cover-based shooters. I'm often drawn to these sorts of punishing action games that leave little to no room for error and feel euphoric once you sufficiently hone your skills after repeated ass-whoopings, but I missed it for whatever reason.

Our resident jokester, Steven, reviewed the original PC release. He described it as having a "good mix of contemporary and classic sensibilities" and gave it a seven out of ten. "Likable," per our site's scoring system. After taking a look at this week's PlayStation 4 port, I tend to agree with his assessment. The two of us may yet discover we share a hive mind.

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