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Noby Noby Boy
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Noby Noby Boy

Well this was sudden! We just heard last month that Noby Noby Boy's Girl had finally reached Pluto. Shortly after, she has already looped around and made her way back to Earth, ending her journey where it began. I figured it would take much longer. Maybe the Pluto milestone got people really excited to hop back into Noby Noby Boy to finally reach the end.

Upon returning to Earth, Noby Noby Boy's ending sequence was finally revealed for anyone still playing, featuring a special bonus level and a heartwarming letter written back in 2009 when the game was first released. The letter is really something, like discovering a buried time capsule. It ponders the question of how long it would take for the game to be completed. “Would it take one year? Three years? Or even ten years?” The answer was six years and some change, as Girl returned to Earth 2,489 days from the start of her journey.

Congratulations, everyone who played Noby Noby Boy! You helped contribute to this momentous event, no matter how small your contribution may have been! I know I didn't play as much as I would have liked, but I still helped a little bit. Now I think Girl has earned some well deserved rest after all those years stretching across the solar system.

[Video courtesy of Sir TapTap]

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