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Next Car Game
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Next Car Game now has an actual name

Oct 03
It's still listed as Next Car Game on Steam Early Access and the like, but Bugbear Entertainment has settled on a proper name for its demolition derby racer: Wreckfest. "As Wreckfest is all about the madness of colliding cars...

Next Car Game makes over $1M on Steam Early Access

Silly name, great-looking game
Jan 30
FlatOut maker Bugbear Entertainment's Next Car Game has loads of potential -- have you seen the impressive destruction physics? -- but it didn't find a proper audience on Kickstarter. Before the campaign could come to a sad c...

Next Car Game is now available on Steam Early Access

That's either the worst name for a game, or the best
Jan 15
One of the genres that's seemed to fall by the wayside in recent years is the destruction-based racing game. Games like Demolition Derby and Burnout Paradise don't seem to be in vogue right now but hopefully Next Car Game (I...

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