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While the PC version of the pretty dang good MMO Neverwinter is waiting for news about its newest expansion, the Xbox One port unfortunately is playing catchup.

Perfect World have announced that Rise of Tiamat, the fifth module for the game released back in 2014, is now available on Xbox One. The expansion adds more to the Tyranny of Dragons campaign, a new area for Level 70 players called Well of Dragons, and a new raid, Temple of Tiamat.

Rise of Tiamat was when I started playing Neverwinter, so it’s nice to know I’ll be in familiar territory should I find myself on the Xbox version. I genuinely am excited to see the Xbox One version get up to date, as it seems like a perfect fit for an MMO on a console.

The full patch list for the PC version of Rise of Tiamat was huge, but there’s also a video below specific to the Xbox One version to help you familiarise yourself with the changes.

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