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Nazo Waku Yakata
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Nazo Waku Yakata

Capcom has quite possibly jumped the shark with news that it plans to sell a demo of upcoming 3DS title Nazo Waku Yakata. For ¥200, people will be able to download the first chapter of the game. Other chapters may be available later, but for right now, this is a paid sample of the full retail title.

Seriously, Capcom? We're expected to purchase demos now? And I thought the EA Season Ticket was gauche. 

As well as the demo, an "interactive sample" of the game has appeared online, giving you a taste of what's on offer via the magic of your PC. It features "3D audio" and visuals from the title, and you can check out the experience right here.

The PC-based sample is cool, but Capcom has got to be doing crack if it thinks I'm willing to start paying for demos. 

Nazo Waku Yakata gets paid demo in Japan [GoNintendo]

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