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Nascar The Game 2011  

Updated 08-02-2011
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Nascar The Game 2011

Developer Eutechnyx would like to bring to your attention that NASCAR The Game 2011 has DLC available as of right now. As a nice treat to the Sony crowd the downloadable content goes for no charge on the Playstation and is included in a patch. XBox owners will only need to pay 160 Microsoft Points for the content.

For those curious, the DLC will update the game for the 2011 season with new car models and some updated tracks. Don't worry about the game's changes being irreversible as you given to option to toggle between the 2010 and 2011 seasons. 60 new primary and secondary paint schemes are included for those who want to spice up their customization options and extra features such as an Online Hardcore Mode help round out the package. Now -- that said -- these guys would be geniuses to release a DLC pack that gives you access to the Daytona USA soundtrack next.

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