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A lot of people make a lot of impressive things in Minecraft, but none of them go as big as Thorlar Thorlarian. That's not hyperbole, by the way; he actually has the world record to back it up.

Recently, Thorlar finished a piece of Starcraft art that took 23.5 weeks and 1,128,960 blocks to create. Watching the video, it's impossible to get the game to render that much of the image at once on-the-fly, so he needs to zoom out, out, out until it finally becomes clear.

Once he does that, it all gets that much more spectacular. As Thorlar zooms back in, the pixels again become visible. The final art is above -- a world record Minecraft creation that just so happens to benefit charity, as Thorlar contributes his stream donations to Make-A-Wish Ireland. Everyone wins here.

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