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Updated 01-14-2015
Xbox One
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So, three years ago you thought you were super cool. You signed up for Minecraft and the account ChickKisser69 was available. Everyone was going to love you. A few years have passed, and amazingly you have decided you no longer like the name and want to change it to something more mature. You want to be YouTubeSuperStar999 instead. Well, February 4 is your lucky day.

That's when Minecraft players will finally be able to change their usernames. There's no cost attached and you have 37 days to switch back before the name becomes available to other players. Still, there are some restrictions.

You'll have to wait 30 days between name changes, banned players won't be able to escape bans by switching names, and free players will be required to switch to the paid version by the February 4 or they'll lose their username for good.

So, any of you planning to escape an old embarrassing user name on Minecraft at long last?

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