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Mighty Gunvolt
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Mighty Gunvolt

Inti Creates' Mighty Gunvolt is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita as Gal Gunvolt.

The retro-style action platformer originally released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop last year alongside Azure Striker Gunvolt. It will now come packaged with the DLC levels on its new platforms.

In case you're excited by this news, maybe don't be. Inti Creates asserts the port "will be released only in Japan." In a followup statement responding to a fan inquiry, the developer added "That's the current state of affairs, yes. If that ever changes, we'll let you all know."

One has to wonder if that has anything to due with it being rebranded as more of a GalGun product, none of which have made their way to North America or Europe outside of the import scene.

GalGun is a series of on-rails shooters wherein players shoot frenzied sexualized schoolgirls with a pheromone gun, which incapacitates the targets while they squeal and moan. There's also plenty of upskirts and other risqué content that western audiences might cause a stir over.

Gal Gunvolt launches August 6 -- the same day as GalGun: Double Peace -- also for PS4 and Vita.

ぎゃるガンヴォルト ティザーサイト [Inti Creates, 4Gamer]

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