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Mario Maker
/ Wii-U


Mario Maker shows its masochistic side

Step aside, New Super Mario Bros.
Dec 05
As shown at tonight's Game Awards, Mario Maker is still in the works for a 2015 release and good lord does it look insane. Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto introduced new footage of the Wii U title and several of the user-created...

Mario Maker will make a level designer out of you

That Mario Paint feel
Jun 11
Mario Maker is a drag-and-drop level creator, letting you use classic (and newer) Mario game tiles and props to create your own stages. I gave it a spin here at E3 to try to create the next great Mario stage. I found that while making your own stages is quite easy, making a truly fun one takes a bit more work.

Create your own custom levels in Mario Maker

Next year on Wii U
Jun 10
Yes, Mario Maker is real and it's exactly what we thought it'd be: a game that lets you create and play your own custom Mario levels. It's coming to Wii U next year. You'll put down various elements like pipes and Goombas, a...

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