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Mario Kart 8
/ Wii-U


Mario Kart 8

Somewhere along the way, Link traded Epona for a sleek sportbike. It's unconventional, but probably necessary in the high-octane world of Mario Kart 8. I mean, Epona is literally one horsepower. That doesn't quite cut it.

Link upgraded to something a little more stylish, and you can too. Now there's an officially-licensed Triforce-gold Mario Kart 8 wheel, and it seems to be priced pretty reasonably. It runs $15 and releases on July 6. Of course, it'll require a Wiimote to function.

If that's a bit gaudy to you, a Toad-themed blue wheel is available on the same day. For some reason, that one's only $12. That extra three dollars is the price you pay for decadence, I guess.

Link Mario Kart 8 wheel, Toad Mario Kart 8 wheel [Amazon]

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