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Mario Kart 8
/ Wii-U


Mario Kart 8

Its not quite Monday yet but eBay deals are flooding with various Cyber Monday deals on Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4 console bundles. If you slept pass Black Friday and have decided now that an 8th gen console needs to be in your life (and you're glued to your laptop looking for deals), then you're in luck as the deals are starting as early as Saturday night.

From Toys R Us, they're offering the Wii U Deluxe Mario Kart 8 bundle for only $249.99 with free ship. Over at Antonline, they have both the Xbox One Lego Movie bundle for $289.99 and a PS4 Battlefront bundle for $329.

In fact, Antonline actually has the same Mario Kart 8 bundle but at a higher $279.99 price tag, so there's little point grabbing from them tonight. For the PS4, the deal won't start until Sunday morning at 8AM Pacific.

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