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Mad Blocker Adventure
/ ps3


Mad Blocker Adventure

MadBlocker first appeared as a flash game early in 2010 and was quite popular, spawning other titles in the MadBlocker series. Mad Blocker Adventure will be their first game to appear on both the PSN and the Vita however. It will have local and online co-op and versus modes as well as (supposedly) interactive levels. There will also be a full RPG story mode, though no details have been given about that yet. 

The original MadBlocker is quite a bit of fun, with a nice art style and fun music. Adventure seems to be following that trend if the video is any real indication; sadly the gameplay preview does not really explain anything. So far I can tell you with confidence that it is a puzzle game and that the blocks have faces. It looks like each expression represents a different game effect, but that's about it.

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