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MDK2, one of BioWare's lesser known titles, recently got a WiiWare port which is great if you have a Wii, not so much for the rest of us. Good news is that some BioWare vets (now with Overhaul Games) are reworking the old title for a HD re-release that will contain gameplay tweaks, a complete graphics overhaul and higher quality audio. They are also asking for input from fans, via their facebook page, on ways they can make the game better. Bad news is that this will be a PC exclusive available only through

I never got the chance to play MDK2, so I may pick it up when the title becomes available in September, seeing as how it will only be $14.99. While the idea of having to install another digital distribution client is a bit discouraging, BioWare is probably one of my favorite developers, so I am more willing to give Beamdog a shot.

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