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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
/ pc / ps3 / xbox360


Lightning Returns PC port up to 28% off at launch

Mmm... smell that digital sale
Dec 10
Update 12/14: New 23% off coupon code makes an even better deal. See code below. Today, Square Enix's PC port of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII-3 finally arrived. The game was basically unavailable for pre-order (which...

Lightning Returns is coming to Steam on December 10

Now PC players can finish the trilogy
Nov 20
The Final Fantasy XIII series has long been over for console players. Lightning Returns originally released back in 2013, and since then the fanbase’s attention has been split between Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fanta...

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is coming to PC in December

If all goes well
Oct 19
Remember earlier this year when Square Enix assured fans that Lighting Returns was coming to PC at some point? No? Well it did. So there. Producer Kitase Yoshinori has broken the silence again this week, noting that they...

Square Enix assures fans that Lighting Returns is still coming to PC

Jun 03
Lightning Returns is such a weird game. Given my many issues with XIII (less with XIII-2 though), I didn't think I'd enjoy it in the slightest. Funnily enough, it ended up being one of my favorite games of 2014. Sin...

The Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is headed to Steam

Starting with XIII on October 9
Sep 18
The official site gave it away, to some extent, but here we go: Final Fantasy XIII is coming to Steam on October 9, priced at $15.99, with XIII-2 and Lightning Returns arriving for PC by spring 2015. XIII already has a listin...

Lightning Returns Japanese voice pack DLC available now

Feb 25
The Japanese Voice Pack DLC is available for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII today, priced at $3.99. That's great and appreciated, but I'm really here for the Moogle dress that we've been hearing about. That crazy dress...

We could see more Final Fantasy games on PC in the future

Lightning Returns to Steam?
Feb 19
In case you haven't noticed, not a whole lot of Final Fantasy games are on the PC at the moment, even in port form years later. But it seems as if Square Enix is coming around to the idea, and we may even see future Fina...

The 'extremely popular' Lightning may return (again)

As a guest in future Final Fantasy games
Feb 15
Lightning Returns may cap the Lightning saga, but director Motomu Toriyama told Siliconera that this isn't the last we'll see of the "extremely popular character." "For Lightning, her story ends here in Lightning Returns: Fin...

Win $1000, an Xbox, and more: Lightning Returns contest

I need to learn to draw
Feb 12
DeviantArt is running a Lightning Returns contest encouraging users to put their own spin on Lightning with an original design. Entrants will be judged by Final Fantasy character designer Tetsuya Nomura himself and the three ...

Opinion: Lightning Returns is by far the best 'XIII' game

Lightning strikes thrice
Feb 11
I wasn't a fan of Final Fantasy XIII. I felt like in many ways it was a step back for the franchise, and the cast wasn't nearly as charming as Square Enix thought it was. But with XIII-2, I partially warmed up to the series, ...

Lightning Returns gets a Tomb Raider crossover outfit

Check out the trailer below!
Feb 05
It's so bizarre to see Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy under one roof, but here we are in 2014 with a Lightning Returns and Lara Croft crossover. Next week, you'll be able to pick up the special Tomb Raider ...

Square gives us a look at Lightning Returns' dev process

Learn how the world was formed
Feb 04
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is almost here, as the third and [final?] part of the XIII triology. To celebrate, Square Enix has released a new video that gives us a look at some of the people responsible for de...

Get caught up on Lightning's story with this 16-bit recap

Final Fantasy XIII 'retro-spective'
Jan 29
With Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII releasing next month, players may need to get (re)acquainted with the (perhaps convoluted) story thus far. Square Enix took up this task, and produced a brilliant video to recapitul...

Remember: Lightning Returns is kind of an action game

New trailer shows off battle system
Jan 23
What might get lost amidst talk of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII's whacked out story and amazing dress up system is that you can fight monsters. Though you would know that if you downloaded the demo. If you haven't, ...

Lightning Returns pre-orders at Amazon get Yuna DLC

Yuna's clothing and staff
Jan 21
The Spira's Summoner DLC you'll nab for free with your Amazon pre-order of Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be a treat for fans of Final Fantasy X. You'll be able to dress Lightning up in Yuna's summoner dress, equip...

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII demo drops today

Bonus unlockable outfits!
Jan 21
You can get a taste of what I've been playing for these past couple of weeks today with the newly released Lightning Returns demo. Look for their availability later today for both Xbox 360 and PS3. You know about Lightning's ...

Look at Lightning's many outfits in our music video

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
Jan 15
Yesterday, while working on our preview of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, I asked those in the office if I should make some kind of quick video to show off some of the costumes I've collected in the game. Everyone in...

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII after 30 hours

Our preview from the final release
Jan 15
SHUT UP, Hope!  I'M TRYING TO WORK HERE! Okay, sorry. Hope is always talking in my ear. Non-stop. You'll see. Oh my God, you'll see. I'm coming off over 30 hours of nearly non-stop play of Square Enix's latest, Lightning...

Lightning Returns: FF XIII Doomsday Clock explained

Two minutes to midnight
Jan 07
A new developer diary has been released for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, focused on the game's "Doomsday Clock," which ticks down over the course of the game's 13 days. Players will have a limited time in which to ...

Square Enix accidentally sold exclusive DLC for own game

Lightning Returns 'strategy guide exclusive DLC' was up for grabs
Dec 30
If you ever needed a reason to loathe "retailer exclusive" DLC, here's one. Recently, Lightning Returns went on sale in Japan, and was launched with tons of various retailer specific DLC promotions and schemes (anyone remembe...

Check out these Lightning Returns-themed Japanese snacks

Chocolate and pink hair -- my favorite things!
Dec 17
Square Enix sent a little holiday gift to my office this week. They're trying to make me fat, it seems. In Japan, there's a strong tie between game marketing and snack food, so you often see game-themed snack food on conveni...

A guided tour of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Dec 17
I don't need a guided video tour because I'm already hours into Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. That's right -- I kicked off my workday with a brag.  This video shows off how Lightning Return's gameplay works as ...

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII collector's edition

Aerith outfit included!
Dec 11
Square Enix has announced a collector's edition of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It will be available at launch (February 11, 2014) to buyers that order from the Square Enix Online Store. It sounds like it won'...

Inside the Square Pt 2 talks Lightning Returns design

'Our highest priority is making Lightning more beautiful and cooler looking than ever before'
Dec 03
"I've only seen him in person very few times," a Lightning Returns staffer whispers of character design lead Tetsuya Nomura, casting furtive, sidelong glances. I hear he is supposed to be Turkish. Some say his father was Ger...

Here's some footage of that Lady Gaga Lightning costume

GOTY 2014?
Nov 29
As you may have already seen, Lightning has a new batshit Lady Gaga-esque Moogle garment in the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns. But that's not the only costume on display, as this new DLC vignette shows off a...

Mario 3D World, Lightning Returns sell poorly in Japan

Nintendo and Square's flagship franchises top charts, but not predecessors
Nov 27
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Super Mario 3D World launched to lackluster sales in Japan last week. Though the pair placed first and second atop the nation's software charts, the latest entries in Square Enix and ...

GOTY 2014

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy
Nov 26
Already calling it. 

Go listen to the entire Lightning Returns soundtrack

Check it out while you can
Nov 22
I may not be much of a Final Fantasy player, but I always find myself loving their soundtracks. Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII just came out in Japan this past week, and YouTuber MarquisofElmdoor has uploaded the entir...

Lightning Returns to ship with a DLC Japanese voice pack

Free for two weeks
Nov 21
Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII may have launched in Japan today, but it'll hit other markets on Valentine's Day, February 14th. When it finally does come overseas, you'll have the opportunity to download a Japanese voic...

Watch 11 minutes of Lightning Returns gameplay

You must have 11 minutes to spare
Nov 20
4GamerMovie uploaded over 11 minutes of gameplay for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It gives you a pretty good look at what the game, and it shows off combat and the clothing selection system. Lightning Returns will ...

Wake up to this live-action Lightning Returns commercial

Short, but sweet
Nov 17
Set to release next week in Japan, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII latest 15 second TV spot showcases a live-action version of the titular character. Albeit extremely brief, the model portraying Lightning, intermixed w...

Playing dress up: Interactive Lightning Returns trailer

Or, be lazy and watch everything spliced together
Nov 11
I remain cautiously optimistic about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. I actually think it will be alright, despite the heavy-handed appeal to nostalgia and fan service that has lead to the inclusion of costumes from pa...

Clothes shopping in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Custimize all the things
Nov 07
Look, it's no secret I love the dumb fashion featured in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. So yeah, I really like this trailer showing off how Lightning can gain new gear, including clothing. Look at that bitchin' pants...

Too long? Lightning Returns has 50 hours of content

Lightning Returns and stays for a couple weeks
Oct 24
I was ecstatic to hear Bravely Default: For the Sequel was being streamlined from the original 70 hour completion time to a (relatively) more reasonable 30 hour time. My backlog has been insurmountably filled with JPRGs for p...

Watch a nice Lightning Returns chocobo quest playthrough

About nine minutes from producer Yuji Abe
Oct 14
I saw that Square Enix had shared a video of producer Yuji Abe's playthrough of a certain chocobo quest in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Hmm, I thought. Then I saw a major games website run a new hands-on preview of...

Vanille is now a saint Lightning Returns, wears weird hat

New screenshots, new feature announced
Oct 09
Vanille is back. Or awake. In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Vanille has risen to find that she now has a gift that lets her hear the voices of dead people. See, I always knew she was kind of weird. Square Enix says t...

Lightning Returns to the end of the world as we know it

Beat up Snow's big dumb face
Sep 25
Show of hands, who else thought, "Midgar!" in this trailer's opening? I mean, we already have Cloud's SOLDIER duds and Buster Sword as pre-order DLC, along with an Aeris costume in Japan. Also, Lightning, why are you wearing...

Dress up as Aeris in Lightning Returns

The costume comes with a flower basket and everything
Sep 23
In addition to Final Fantasy VII's Cloud, it looks like another costume is joining the ranks for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII -- Aeris [Aerith]. Yep, that's right! The famous companion will be available as a costume...

Lightning Returns at TGS: Open worlds, cool costumes

Final Fantasy: Lighting Returns' best showing yet
Sep 20
I like Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. I dug it from our very first hands-on preview, and I'm now I'm digging it even more after playing the new Tokyo Game Show floor demo. Some felt that the first preview was a b...

Lightning still has no personality in Final Fantasy XIII

Jim Sterling and Dale North talk Lightning Returns
Sep 04
Jim Sterling and Dale North checked out Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII while at PAX. Well, Dale did, Jim slept in. But it's okay, he didn't really miss much as Dale described. The only good thing we can expect out of ...

Check out Lightning Returns' pre-order costumes

Here's a video showcasing most of them
Sep 02
Lightning has quite a bit of pre-order costumes coming her way for Lighting Returns, and on top of the Cloud and Yuna outfits she has a pretty big armory of feudal Japan-ware. You can view all of them in the trailer above, w...

I love the fashion in Lightning Returns: FF XIII

I love all the fashion from Final Fantasy games
Aug 22
So I really like fashion. It's not to the extent that I can tell what label you're wearing. In fact I don't care about that aspect of fashion. I just care about what looks good. And Lightning looks so good in all of her outf...

Did Yuna? Lightning Returns has a Final Fantasy X outfit

If they added a Persona 4 Yukiko costume it'd be the apex of fan service
Jul 29
There's quite a bit of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII news afoot courtesy of All Games Beta. We now know Lightning Returns will feature four distinct areas, the newest revealed of which is a "vast, open-world area in v...

Lightning Returns director ordered bigger, jiggling boobs

Jul 29
Lightning's either experienced a miracle or paid for a boob job in Lightning Returns, bumping up from a Japanese C cup to a D Cup. Her breasts will also jiggle now, depending on what she's wearing, because the director wanted...

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII OST on four discs

Most heavily-promoted Final Fantasy soundtrack to date
Jul 25
Square Enix is super serious about the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack. I've never seen so much activity in terms of pre-releasing singles from a game as they've done three times now with "The Savior," "Crims...

Time keeps on slipping in Lightning Returns: FFXIII

Fly like a chocobo
Jul 19
I'm really rather stoked for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII in spite of myself. And it's not the flagrant appeal to nostalgia with the Cloud Strife outfit and buster sword DLC, promise. Actually, Lightning's new defau...

Enjoy this song from Lightning Returns: FFXIII

A behind the scenes look
Jul 13
The latest look at Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII gives us a peek at one of the new songs featured in the game. It's a little weirdly edited, but it's a great song at least. The second video below is the full song wit...

Lightning Returns gets Cloud outfit, sword for pre-order

Shrewd, Square Enix. Shrewd.
Jul 02
Oh man. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the amusingly named third entry in the XII sub-series, is coming with an interesting pre-order bonus: Cloud Strife's SOLDIER outfit and indelible sword from Final Fantasy VII. I...

Final Fantasy dance choreography is the best thing

Bustin' a move to Final Fantasy VII and Lightning Returns
Jun 29
No weak Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo jokes here. This is seriously cool. Dance choreographers Mike Song and Tony Tran whipped up a video in honor of Final Fantasy, dancing to tunes from FFVII and the upcoming Lightning Retu...

Hamauzu and VGO dicuss FF: Lightning Returns soundtrack

Exclusive reveal
Jun 12
Square's lineup at this E3 has been among the best in show, with Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII tearing up the show floor. We managed to sit down with Masashi Hamauzu and Shota ...

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