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Legends of Aethereus
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Review: Legends of Aethereus

Not the worst, but it's not good either
Nov 18
I really love role-playing games, and I will usually put up with some flaws if the overall experience is interesting. A bad game can have a couple of good mechanics, and I will probably play it longer than I should. When I st...

Legends of Aethereus - Now Bloody Playing

Best tutorial ever ... except kind of not
Oct 08
There probably won't be any more Legends of Dawn, because the game crashed while I was recording and took all the video with it. Buggy game, that is! Fortunately, we have a different legend for you, with Legends of Aethereus!  Enjoy the world's most thorough tutorial, and let's kill some Definitely-Not-Orcs!

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