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League of Legends

Liquid Tension Experiment's "Kindred" is a pretty great prog rock song. What does that have to do with this article? Nothing really!

Anyways, League of Legends is adding a new Champion called "Kindred" (!) to the game, It's a character designed for the jungle, and excels in some odd game-changing abilities. In addition to marking enemies anywhere on the map (if they die during the mark Kindred gets a permanent damage bonus), Kindred can throw down an area-of-effect ultimate that not only heals at the end of the cast, but prevents everyone from falling below critical levels -- note that this works on all characters present including the enemy team, so it should make for some interesting skirmishes.

The Champion is actually described as a collective of hunters, involving the union of both a lamb and a wolf. I'm in.

Kindred: The Eternal Hunters [League of Legend]

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