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League of Legends

In case you haven't heard, Riot Games recently ended its sponsorship with G2A, a third-party key distribution site -- a move G2A calls "heavy-handed and potentially damaging." The thing is, this partnership ended in part due to G2A's own actions, because of to the fact that it sold boosting and account services, which are in direct violation of Riot's terms of service. Oops.

Responding to the situation, G2A notes that Riot has "launched an aggressive attack directed towards the entire global e-sports community in a failed attempt to dominate and control the industry." It is now calling for people to pile on Riot on social media channels.

Riot has plenty of things to answer for in the past few years (overly-heavy monetization schemes for starters), but one has to wonder why G2A broke the TOS in the first place and caused this situation.

G2A condemn their League of Legends sponsorship ban as "heavy handed and potentially damaging" [PCGamesN]

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