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Updated 07-18-2011
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The above video gives you a glimpse at Kyuuin a Japanese PlayStation 1 game that is getting a release next week on the PlayStation Network. The story seems to involve some kids saving a mythical book-world from evil with the help of their sentient vacuum cleaners.

To be perfectly honest, I don't know what is being said (I think the boy's name might be Heero) because I don't speak Japanese. I'm not sure how important the dialogue is but I am finding it hard to care. It's a game about a kid riding a flying vacuum cleaner that shoots lasers. If cleaning tools were like this in real life, I would have been all over the housework as a kid. When I wasn't off saving other worlds from giant baddies, that is.

Shoot lasers out of a magic vacuum cleaner next week on PSN [Game Informer]

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