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A new Bigpoint browser-based free-to-play MMO called Kultan: The World Beyond has entered open beta today. I'm not much of a F2P MMO (or any MMO) guy after the World of Warcraft closed beta ruined plenty of my exams back in the day -- after which I vowed never to play any MMO ever again -- but this one looks pretty good for fans of ships that sail around and go boom-bo-bo-bo-boom. I might actually have to play it.

With three classes to choose from that each have different skills for different types of damage, there seems to be some RPG spice to the gameplay beyond just sailing around and firing broadside volleys. There's the usual PvE and PvP stuff with quests and trading as well, so if the thought of doing that kind of thing with a ship and crew to manage sounds good to you, perhaps Kultan is worth a try.

I'll forgive them that the name roughly translates to "nonsense Tan" in Dutch...

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