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Killer Instinct
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Killer Instinct

Our prior coverage of Killer Instinct has been repeatedly met with comments expressing love and affection for Kim Wu. Well, y'all, today's the day. We're getting our first full look at the martial artist with a "friggin' dragon." She's going to join the roster in the game's upcoming third season.

Iron Galaxy Studios also posted its tentative patch notes for the new season. Given all the bare-minimum rebalancing that needs to happen as fresh fighters enter the fray, there is a lot to chew on. But keep in mind, this stuff isn't finalized yet -- and that assuredly goes for Kim Wu's design as well if past Killer Instinct character reveal trailers are any indication.

While reading the patch notes, the studio advises not to "think about a change you see and how it would act against a [Season 2] character, as that will tell you the wrong story. Take it all in, try not to panic, you'll be playing it very soon and we look forward to your feedback."

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