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Killer Instinct  

Reviewed: 7.5/10: Good
( Xbox One version reviewed )

Updated 01-09-2015
Xbox One
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Killer Instinct

[Update: Now we have a picture of the leg -- really cool shadow effects. Remember this sort of old school style teasing in magazines?]

A new character is coming to Killer Instinct, and developer Iron Galaxy is hinting towards what we'll get. It's Omen, Herald of Gargos, and anyone who purchased the season two pack will get him as part of their purchase.

Lore-wise he's been freed from the possession of Jago, and powered up by battling as Shadow Jago. I'm digging the homage to Gargos from Killer Instinct 2 as I'm a sucker for demonic fighters like Ogre from Tekken.

The Textual Stream: 01/02/15 - The Herald approaches! [Ultra Combo]

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