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Kerbal Space Program


Kerbal Space Program

Indie goliath Kerbal Space Program has been doing very well for itself. It came out of nowhere, got over one million sales on Steam alone, has console deals, and even has endorsements from NASA. With success like that, everyone at developer Squad should be really happy, right? Wrong.

Multiple former employees of Squad have come forward to decry the studio’s alleged high amounts of crunch time, regular firings, and incredibly poor pay, leading to the community to question where all the money is actually going.

It started when someone claiming to be former Media Director PDtv took to 4chan and revealed all, saying their NDA had expired (you can see the imgur screenshots in the gallery below, just in case anything ever happens to that link). According to them, four prominent Squad employees were fired once the studio figured out their work could be offloaded to someone else. They also mention the standard salary for Squad employees was $2,400 annually, or just $200 per month.

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