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Joe Danger Special Edition
/ xbox360


Joe Danger Special Edition

Joe Danger: Special Edition gets some free holiday goodies in the upcoming Santa DLC pack, set to drop on December 21 on XBLA. Free, people. A Christmas gift from a game studio makes me feel all warm inside. It's like getting a bit back for all the money I give out every year for games.

In the new trailer for this pack, you'll see that Joe goes all Santa -- hat and all -- buzzing through snow and presents on his fancy new Quadbike. It's as festive as stunt work can get. 

Note that this DLC is a limited time offer, and will not be up after Christmas.

Speaking of Joe Danger: Special Edition, it's now the highest rated XBLA title of 2011. We told you it was great!

How about an early gift? We'll be giving away codes on Twitter (@Dtoid) today so that a lucky few can get their hands on this Santa DLC early. Follow us!

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