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Jade Empire
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Jade Empire

As Star Wars Battlefront approaches the deals are actually drying up. We've seen the PC digital version go for as much as 25% off, but now the best deal for PC is a measly 17% off at DLGamer dropping the price from $60 to only $49.79. Still beats full price but this might not tip the balance for those on the fence.

On console, you get the usual pre-order incentives: at Microsoft Store you can get a $10 Gift Card use-able on Xbox Live; Best Buy is offering $10 in "My Best Buy Rewards" and is 20% off for GCU members; last deal available is Dell Home's $25 eGift Card bonus for the Deluxe Edition for the console version of Battlefront.

Finally, the last noteworthy deal is the newly minted "On the House" deal from Origin. This month it has the very excellent Jade Empire Special Edition up for grabs, completely free. No need for any credit card info while you checkout, just add to cart, click okay, and the game will be added to your library and yours to own forever.  A good game to pick up for action-RPG fans.

Update: Looks like Jade Empire is temporary gone as a freebie or the offer went live early accidentally. Might want to check back on it later.

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