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J-Stars Victory Vs
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Watch Luffy, Kenshin, Goku battle in J-Stars Victory Vs

I got dibs on Kenshin
Feb 07
Set to release in Japan on the PS3 and Vita in March 2014, J-Stars Victory Vs is a collection of some of the biggest names in anime. Compliments of Bandai Namco, we're getting a look at Kenshin, Goku, and Luffy in action.&nb...

It's like Super Smash Bros, but with anime characters

J-Stars Victory Vs debut trailer
Jul 30
Okay, so it's probably more fair to say J-Stars Victory Vs is like Power Stone with anime characters. Or really, like any of the Dragon Ball Z games, but with a bunch of characters from other shows like One Piece, Naruto, Bl...

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