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Iron Brigade
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Iron Brigade

Today, indie developer/publisher Double Fine announced that it had regained the rights to Iron Brigade, a 2011 downloadable title originally published by Microsoft Studios under the name Trenched. From this point on, the game will be published by Double Fine.

To celebrate the property changing hands, it has released a title update for the Steam version of the game that fixes "all known issues," according to project lead Smilin' Brad Muir. There are also no plans to bring back the Trenched name, likely because that pesky board game is still relevant.

"The great thing about this change is that now there are no obstacles to us creating the best possible experience for players," Muir said in Double Fine's press release, likely grinning the whole time. "We have fixed all known issues as well as provided a great matchmaking experience for multiplayer. Vlad and his Monovision Menace are on the move again!"

Iron Brigade is currently on sale as well, to the tune of 80 percent off.

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