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Hyrule Warriors  

Reviewed: 8.5/10: Great
( Wii-U version reviewed )

Updated 12-10-2014
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Hyrule Warriors

I'm on track to put more time into Hyrule Warriors than any other videogame in 2014.

This is coming from someone who has spent, at most, half an hour with Omega Force's past titles. I may not be a Dynasty Warriors fan -- and, hell, I'm often indifferent to the Zelda series -- but combine the former's hack-and-slash action with the latter's characters and lore and I'm all in.

It helps that this is one seriously content-dense game; it's easy to rack up the hours once you're committed to Adventure Mode. Its sprawling first map has you playing and replaying missions to unlock new characters, weapons, and one-use items that, if used correctly, can unlock even more rewards. Months after Hyrule Warriors' launch, I've only just this week gained access to the entire map; I still have to go back in and A-rank most of it using unfamiliar, underleveled warriors. Oh boy.

Also, thanks to continued post-release support, there's now the Master Quest and Twilight maps to worry about. My treasured Link is going to max out at level 150 before I know it.

For all the enjoyment this game has given me, I thought a little shout-out was in order. Hyrule Warriors is everything I hoped it'd be and more, in the case of the special Gauntlets found near the bottom right-hand corner of the main Adventure map. What a tough mission.

Join me. Defeat the forest dragon and come smash some Gorons with a freakin' Chain Chomp.

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