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Hustle Kings
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Review: Hustle Kings (Vita)

Mar 02
"I'm a hustler, baby. I just want you to know." Well, those would be the lyrics I would sing as I entered my local pool hall, hoping to scam friend and stranger alike in a friendly game of billiards. Of course, I was no hustl...

Hustle Kings trailer makes pool look as exciting as pool

Dec 13
Here's a new trailer for Hustle Kings, a pool game designed for the PlayStation Vita. It looks about as exciting as regular pool, which is all I am going to say because you can draw your own conclusions.  As with all th...

Preview: Hustle Kings (PlayStation Vita)

Oct 22
Developed by the small, UK based VooFoo Studio, Hustle Kings released on PlayStation Network in early 2010, receiving a positive review from us. Though I didn’t play that release, I’ve always been a bit of a pool ...

Use your NGP to play some pocket pool with Hustle Kings

Jun 02
The VooFoo Studios PS3/PSN game Hustle Kings was used as a starting point for the upcoming NGP version of the same name. This version is pool on-the-go, on a shiny OLED screen, with touchscreen controls that let you line up a...

Review: Hustle Kings

Feb 01
Ever since I was a boy, I've loved playing pool. From the first game played in a childhood friend's basement to the weekly game I participate in today, the sport has always enchanted me. There's just something about the preci...

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