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Hotline Miami
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Hotline Miami

The weekend arrives and GMG's 2015 Summer Sale chugs on to day two. Some decent pickings this round with Dishonored GOTY for only $8 (plus you get a freebie mystery game). Hotline Miami 2 also hit a historic low price but the damn thing is OOS somehow - here's hoping it makes a return during the encore phase of the sale next week.

Day 2 theme includes lots of FPS titles, everything from Half-Life series to Doom, Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior, and Counter-Strike. Sniper Elite titles are also on sale but they're not lowest ever so we recommend holding off on them.

In console land, a few deals are available including PS4 and Xbox One bundles are reasonable prices, plus the PS TV makes a return at $40 (again). Good pickings for games includes used copies of Dragon Age Inquisition for only $18. It's a good price for a game with few flaws and an excellent 3rd installment to the series.

Finally, Destiny is on sale for $20 across all platforms. We'd wait for the $5 bargain bin price but that's just us. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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