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Hitman GO


Hitman GO

I had the opportunity to check out the upcoming virtual reality build of Hitman GO at PAX East.

Not much can be said about this new version of the game other than "It sure is Hitman GO in VR all right." All the levels are the same as they were in the original game, but the camera can now be rotated with analog sticks, and you can zoom in with the controller or by leaning your body forward to take a closer peak at GO's diorama-like environments.

While this doesn't fundamentally change the gameplay, it certainly makes the experience feel a little more like there are actual, physical tabletop board game pieces in front of you.

What is interesting, though, is a Square Enix spokesperson informed me this edition of the game will be exclusive to Oculus, and will not be coming to the Steam or PlayStation versions, even though those are called the Definitive Edition. So the publisher is hoping you'll want to buy a potentially fourth version of the same game it has already sold you on mobile, consoles, and PC, just to play it on what equates to a different monitor. That sounds kinda gross to me, but, hey, it's your money.

Hitman GO VR will retail for $10 on Oculus Rift and $8 on Gear VR when it releases May 11.

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