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Harry Potter for Kinect  

Updated 08-15-2012
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Harry Potter for Kinect

Forget game of the year, Hairy Penguin for Kinoct is going to be the game of all creation, featuring innovative new gameplay such as "waving your arm a bit" and "maybe some jumping up and down." The latest screenshots showcase dazzling visuals that really make you feel like you're waving your arm a bit in the REAL Hungworms School of Paganism

The images showcase Hagar playing Quickdick with Dracula Malificent, brewing a naughty potion with Sevenkus Slurp, and encountering the evil Venomoth. The visuals really capture that "birth defect" look of Happy Pontoon and his friends, while Professor Magical looks like Mum-rah in a dress -- just like the movies!

Helpful Pooper for Kittynet is to be published by Wanky Bubbles on one of the days of the year, and is exclusive to the Microsoft Game Object.

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