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Happy Wars
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Happy Wars

Earlier this month, Toylogic accidentally released Happy Wars for Xbox One. The cartoonish medieval multiplayer action game was pulled from Xbox Live, but not before some people managed to download and play it. Doing so locked them out of the older Xbox 360 version (which, why would you play both simultaneously?). That mess has been resolved and Happy Wars is available again for Xbox One -- intentionally, this time.

With the new version, we're getting four-person splitscreen multiplayer and better graphics. Existing players can even use their save data from Xbox 360. Toylogic has also revisited the user interface and implemented "various other game element changes" for Xbox One.

If you're thinking of playing -- reminder: Happy Wars is free with an Xbox Live account -- then consider doing so before May 6. That way you can participate in the One-Comer Campaign and earn 20 Happy Tickets, a Buff Pincer, and a Mountaineer Backpack. Things. Things are good.

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