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Halo: Anniversary  

Updated 11-01-2011
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Halo: Anniversary

With only two weeks away from release, 343 Industries has decided to pay respect to franchise history and to its loyal fans with this new Halo: Anniversary trailer. Hitting retailers on November 15, the game will feature enhanced visuals, redesigned maps and Kinect support, to name just a few of the new additions.

Executive Producer of Publishing, Dan Ayoub said, "Halo: Anniversary is a token of gratitude to our fans for the passion and dedication they've shown for the franchise over the past ten years...We've poured all out passion and energy into making Halo: Anniversary a truly faithful remake of the original classic, and we can't wait to join the fans online...'

So far, it's looking like a great remake of the original, and you do end up getting a lot of content for a fair price. I can still remember late night Halo LAN sessions with my friends; traversing the frozen wastes of Sidewinder, the sterile textures and haunting obelisks of Hang 'Em High and the satisfying grunt of frustration from a friend getting killed a 5th time by my ridiculously overpowered Pistol. Those were the days.

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