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Half-Life 3
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Half-Life 3

The wait for some kind of news on Half-Life 3 has been tough for everyone. A story cut off midway through being told, a set of balanced gameplay mechanics going to waste, and a developer who loves to announce things that are nothing to do with Half-Life in sets of three, knowing full well what we're all going to jump to. 

Many of us have lived for years with a sense of boredom, frustration and hope when it comes to us one day seeing Half-Life 3 get announced. Well, Gordon Freeman has been feeling the exact same way if this fan made film is to be believed.

The five-minute-long fan film, Half-Life 3: Unannounced, was made by New Zealand film studio Fence Post Productions and tells a really bittersweet story about an adventurer who's a little worse for wear and eager to get back to doing what he does best.

Come on Valve, see what you're doing to poor Mr. Freeman. Cut him a break and let him set off on a new mission.

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