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Gravity Rush
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Gravity Rush

I was surprised at Tokyo Game Show. It wasn't that there were melon-breasted anime women making out with each other in a trailer casually playing all about Sony's booth. It was that the line for Gravity Rush (Gravity Daze here in glorious Nippon) PS4 in front of the trailer screen had the most people waiting. More than Bloodborne, more than Uncharted HD, which weirdly had prime real estate.

A lot of folks were up for Tearaway Unfolded, too, and good on 'em. It's fabulous. It deserves a second life after the failed Vita, much like Gravity Rush. These were my favorite games of 2012 and 2013. I'm glad to see the reception here at the show.

Less glad that it meant I had to wait in line for an hour and a fucking half, mind. And that was with preparing myself for an advertised 40 minute wait. There's a lot less press access at Tokyo Game Show (international, especially). But wait I did, mostly because I really god damn love Gravity Rush.

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