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Grand Theft Auto V
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Grand Theft Auto V

Street Fighter V heads to the PlayStation 4 and PC this Tuesday and there are a lot of pre-order deals for the game this weekend. We're not sure how to feel about Capcom's Season Pass right now, but at least the content road map has been disclosed for the rest of 2016.

The Steam key is 25 percent off at GMG, while PS4 gamers can score a $15 eGift Card when pre-ordering via Dell (if you have a Best Buy GCU account, we'll suggest going with that instead).

With another new mode introduced for GTA Online comes with the usual Rockstar sale on Grand Theft Auto V (still one of the best-selling games around). The PC version nets a 46 percent discount, and the bundle with the Shark Card has an even bigger price cut. We're also seeing the first major discount on the Megalodon Shark Cash Card at more than 40 percent off.

Finally, noteworthy hardware deals this weekend include PS4 and Xbox One bundles with some nice additions thrown in. The 1TB Xbox One bundle features a year of Xbox Live Gold for $350, while the PS4 Uncharted bundle includes a one-year PS Plus subscription for the same price (both now OOS).

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