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Grand Theft Auto V
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Grand Theft Auto V

We're less than a month away from the release of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns and while $49.99 has held its ground till now, the first major pre-order price drop has occurred. FunStock Digital recently dropped the game to $42.42 on their site (price when converted to USD). Stack a 25% off coupon code and you'll further gut the price to only $31.82. This is the best price we've seen thus far. Pre-order bonus includes all beta access + in-game title.

If you're not willing to wait for a pre-order there's plenty of RPG instant gratification available this weekend in deals, most notably at Amazon on South Park: The Stick of Truth. Just yesterday they dropped the price to only $10 - a new low for the zesty game.

There are a ton of other good deals this weekend, but one sale that's worthy of mention is GMG's Rockstar Games Sale. The sale was launched earlier this week with instant savings up to 83% off and a stacking 20% off coupon to boot. This weekend it got better with a new 23% off code, making Grand Theft Auto V at historic low price.

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