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Grand Theft Auto Online
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Grand Theft Auto Online

If you thought the hype around Grand Theft Auto V - and specifically, the multiplayer component GTA Online - was over, think again.

Addressing an earnings briefing (via Gamespot), CEO of Rockstar’s publisher Take-Two said that even two years on, players continued to be “highly engaged” with the multiplayer game.

Though he didn’t back up the statement with concrete figures, CEO Strauss Zelnick said the game had it’s highest ever period of active players - and revenue - over the recent holiday period.

Zelnick attributes the success of this “sustained engagement” to Rockstar’s free add-on content and plentiful in-game events, stating the Halloween and Christmas update, along with Lowrides and Executives and Other Criminals, were “key contributors to the game’s record results.”

Are you still playing GTA Online? If so, tell us why below... and if not, tell us why, too. TELL US EVERYTHING.

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