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Grand Theft Auto Online
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Grand Theft Auto Online

A new PC exploit may enable banned players to return to GTA Online anonymously.

A modder on the forum se7ensins [currently offline] claims that Rockstar's plans to reintroduce temporary characters into the game may be exploitable with new code scripting -- an exploit similar to the troubles in last-gen GTA Online, too.

“You can create disposable characters, cheat cash and stats and troll other players as much as you’d like and it will not be saved or recorded – this means it’s basically a way to play anonymously,” said LondonTown2004 (via VG24/7).

Other exploits potentially in the reach of cheaters include bypassing bans, Bad Sport status, Cheater Pool status and mic-mutes, free from banning even if you're caught.

The modder adds that even if Rockstar fixes the issue immediately, a modder need only revert to a version before the update and still be able to cheat in-game.

GTA Online will become one big playground without Rockstar Games dictating what we can and cannot do without being punished,” they added.

How prevalent is cheating in online play, and does it detrimentally affect your online experience? Should we ignore their stupid antics, or work harder to find and ban them?

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