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Grand Theft Auto Online
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Grand Theft Auto Online

Eight more days 'til Hallo-ween, Hallo-ween

Eight more days 'til Hallo-ween, Hallo-ween

Ahem. Sorry. I watched Halloween 3: Season of the Witch last night and that jingle is stuck in my head. Also, what an odd movie. I like the idea of Halloween becoming an anthology series before Season of the Witch's failure brought about the return of Michael Myers, but I don't think doing it with your third iteration helps, nor does the name, which is so dang non-descript and seemingly unrelated to this weird sci-fi flick. At least the doc gets it in.

Anyways! Grand Theft Auto V is kind of ancient history for me -- it's two years old already. But Rockstar is still doing Grand Theft Auto Online stuff and damn, the Halloween-inspired Slasher mode looks pretty great.

One player runs around with a shotgun, the rest just have melee-capable flashlights that could just as easily give away their position as help them meander about. The flashlight crew needs to survive, the hunter needs to pump them full of led lest the tables be turned and one of the survivors get a gun, and everyone wears spooky Halloween masks.

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