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Grand Theft Auto III  

Reviewed: 7/10: Good
( iphone version reviewed )

Updated 07-27-2012
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Grand Theft Auto III

Next week, get ready for a leisurely stroll through Liberty City once more, as Grand Theft Auto III heads to PSN. Confirmed in this week's PlayStation Blogcast, the release will come as a PlayStation 2 Classic and offer no upgrades or enhancements (like HD or trophies). You can pick it up on Tuesday, July 31 for $9.99.

In other GTA news, according to Siliconera, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is currently being primed for PlayStation Vita! I don't even own a Vita and that excites me. I feel like not enough people got a chance to play Chinatown Wars, and I like that they're still porting it to other systems. I'm optimistic that 3DS will get a stab at it. 3D drug dealing would make my gaming year, it really would.

[PlayStation Blogcast 035: The Unfinished Assassin via Gameinformer]

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