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Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising  

Updated 08-02-2011
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Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising

Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising, an MMO by developer Heatwave Interactive, has been out for a little while. If you have been curious about the game, but reluctant to throw down money on an unknown title, the developers are now offering a free trial. Anyone who signs up for the trial will be able to download and play the game for (a whole) three days free of charge. If you decide that you like the game, or as much of it as you can see in three days, you can buy it and keep your trial character.

While I like the idea of trying a title before you buy it, three days does not seem like enough time to get a good feeling of the game. It's certainly a good thing that Heatwave Interactive is giving curious gamers a chance to sample before they buy, but that is a fairly limited offering. Considering that most MMOs give seven or ten day trials at the least, this seems a bit underwhelming.

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